AGF Financial  LLC specializes in working directly with doctors who want to protect their ability to earn an income. An individual disability insurance policy protects your future income by paying up to 60 percent of your salary in the event that you become disabled. Our disability insurance policies are superior to most group policies as they offer own occupation protection, which ensures that disabled doctors who can work in other occupations or even other specialties still receive benefit payments. Contact us for a quote comparison from the most trusted names in the disability insurance industry.

Why should physicians choose disability income protection?

We understand that as a medical professional, you've made a significant investment in your education and career. It's more than a job, it's what you love and who you are. If you get sick or hurt and can't practice, there's more at stake than just an income.


Get more choice. Take more control.

AGF Financial Disability Income Insurance for physicians is unique — it gives you more choice and control if you become partially or totally disabled. It protects your income and lifestyle today and gives you more flexibility in achieving your goals for the future. 

Disability Insurance Tailor-Made For Physicians

Premium Savings 


First year premiums are reduced 15% for all physicians, 35% for AMA members.*

Own Specialty Protection 


You collect if you can’t return to the same work – even if you can work in another field of medicine.

Student Loan Payoff 


Up to $200,000 student loan payoff provision automatically included in plans to those under age 40.***

Portable Protection 


You will remain covered, even if you change jobs.

Tax-Free Benefits 


No income tax due on benefits, if premiums paid with after-tax dollars.

DI coverage tailored to your needs – and your budget

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to disability income insurance. Fortunately, ContinuON Income Solutions® II lets you customize your policy to fit your unique circumstances. Start with one of the industry’s best base policies. Then choose additional features to arrive at the optimal coverage and price point.

Identify your occupation class

• 6M • 5M • 4M • 3M

•6A •5A •4A •3A •2A


Choose a definition of total disability

• Modified Own Occupation

(included with base)
Benefits are payable when disability prevents you from working in your own occupation and you are not working elsewhere.

• Own Occupation

(with purchase of rider)
Benefits are payable when disability prevents you from working in your own occupation, even if you are working elsewhere.


Choose mental disorder/substance abuse coverage

• 2-year limitation

(included with base policy)
Provides coverage for two years for disabilities resulting from mental and substance abuse disorders.

• No 2-year limitation

(for most occupations with purchase of rider)
Provides coverage up to the maximum benefit period for disabilities resulting from mental and substance abuse disorders.


Customize and enhance

• Choice of benefit period

Determines how long you will receive benefits

2 years | 5 years | 10 years | to age 65 | to age 67 | to age 70

• Choice of elimination period

How long you have to be disabled before benefits begin
60 days | 90 days | 180 days | 365 days

• Annual Renewable Disability Income (ARDI) rider
You can purchase your monthly benefit amount with a lower initial premium that increases annually through age 55. You have the option to convert the benefit to level premium, up to age 50.

• Residual Disability riders

Benefits are payable when you are disabled but still working and suffering a loss of monthly earnings and a loss of time or duties. Choose from Enhanced or Basic.

• Cost of Living (COL) riders

Increase monthly benefit when you are totally or residually disabled beyond one year. Choose from 3 percent simple interest increase or 2 to 6 percent compound interest increase.

• Catastrophic Disability Benefit (CAT) rider
Provides additional benefit while you are catastrophically disabled until age 65, 67 or 70.

• Guarantee of Physical Insurability (GPI) rider
Allows you to increase your coverage annually, up to age 60, with only financial proof of insurability.

Physician Disability Insurance Facts:

  • 1 in 4 Americans in the workforce will suffer a disabling injury before retirement 350,000 bankruptcies per year can be attributed to unexpected injuries or illnesses

  • 65% of applicants for disability benefits through Social Security are denied the first time

  • If you can't practice as a physician, who will provide income for you? 


Secure your own paycheck with a true, own-occupation physician disability insurance policy. 

The greatest financial asset you will ever own is your career income!

Physicians choose our disability income protection to address their unique needs. Our policy features are structured upon realistic analysis of medical careers and are built to help provide a higher degree of income security.

  • Enhanced true-own occupation protection developed just for physicians

       - Provides more opportunities to qualify for benefits

       - Offers the choice to work in another specialty or occupation and still collect benefits

  • Coverage offers a 10% preferred occupation discount

  • Optional benefits available*

       - Student loan debt payment protection

       - Coverage for partial disabilities

       - Lump sum benefit

       - Ability to increase coverage as salary increases

Fast and Reliable


AGF Financial LLC specializes in providing own occupation disability insurance to physicians and dentists.

We work exclusively with physicians; we understand your busy schedule and desire to have the highest quality benefits available.


We work with 

multiple insurance companies

to create customized 


disability insurance plans for members of the medical and dental community in all Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

Compare and Save


Request quotes and get an objective, side-by-side comparison of the major insurance companies based on your unique situation. Important features and benefits of the policies are highlighted and presented in an objective, user-friendly format, saving you valuable time and money. 


Our goal is to simplify the insurance buying process to ensure you are getting the absolute best value in own occupation disability insurance benefits.

No Complications

You are provided with accurate, unbiased support so you can select the disability income insurance plan that is best for you.


Your questions are promptly answered by specialists who understand the needs of physicians. 


Our job is to make obtaining a policy as easy as possible by being available when you need us; in between patients, at night, whenever it's convenient for you.

Take Action Now!

Nearly half of the one million Americans who filed for bankruptcy protection last year did so as the result of an unexpected injury or illness.

Nearly 1 in 5 people living in the U.S. will suffer a disability lasting for more than a year before the age of 65 – the opportunity cost of lost wages is tremendous.

A disability can strike anyone, at any time. In an instant, your income could drop significantly.

Would you be ready if the unexpected happened? Protect your income by requesting a free quote comparison 


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